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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How blog advertising works?

Blog... Blog... Blog...
The age of computers have finally come to it’s peak and a lot of things are now just a click away. You would remember a time when you had to send letters and go the extra mile just to meet new people… Now, in a click of a button, You can literally get to know a community who share the same interests as yours… In business, Hours of hard work reduced to minutes of sitting down a computer table… pretty neat huh?

In the dawn of the birth of Blogging, People from around the world were given a very special gift: a means to express themselves. A tool that gave us a chance to show our individuality… Share experiences, our talents and our life. 8 Billion minds colliding in cyber space. 8 Billion people sharing their inner ballots…

In a click, you can send your message to the entire world…
For some people, the messages apparently read something like:
“Buy my product!!! Try it, it’s good!!!


Perhaps an apple fell on some genius advertiser’s head and lit a light bulb that said:
If everyone in the world kept a blog and shared it to hundred other friends, imagine the number of people who saw the advertisement that came along each blog…

Well, that’s a concept that works!!!

The internet is a massive collection data. Billions of people are being bonded interlinked and intertwined to its interactive web of awesomeness. That’s why its called the world wide web… Yes, the mighty internet.
If you use that power to send your message across, well… You do the math.

Someone once told me staying home will do you no good… Somebody lied.

You CAN earn at home!
It’s a very passive income to bloggers and advertisers alike. Bloggers like posting their thing, they enjoy every bit of it and earn some “kaching!” from advertisers who’s ads are on their website. Advertisers on the other hand, who cant be at various places all at once to spread word of their product since human cloning was banned, can still be sure his products are being advertised on the web. Thus.. “Katching!” more profit!.

That’s how easy it is. When you put in a review or just a simple blog for a product or a particular subject , it will attract traffic leading into an advertiser’s home page.
Based on the selected topic, The blog will now the be reviewed and keywords linking to an advertiser’s website will be filtered to create ads relating to the subject.

Pretty cool huh?... So there you have it people. Explore your inner balots and who knows, your blog could be a gold mine waiting to be explored.

Dive in to the net and show them what’s within your shell!!!
Learn more about blog marketing on Paying Check out their new layouts and discover how you can earn while doing what you do the best.. Being yourself. I found out about them when I was on the web looking for great information.
So what are you waiting for? Blog on!

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